05.02.05 (6:03 am)

New blog   [edit]

I have a new blog. It's at http://www.xanga.com/jessie84

05.02.05 (6:01 am)

New address   [edit]

Have changed my blog. New address is http://www.xanga.com/jessie84

04.21.05 (12:01 pm)

Easier said than done...   [edit]

I keep saying how I'm gonna change the blog, but I don't ever get around to it. But I'm really gonna try. Hmm. It's getting late here and I thought I'd post something before heading to bed...

I worked last Sunday at a soccer game, the hometeam was playing, and my dad usually helps out up there being a soccer coach himself. So he asked if I wanted to help out and I agreed. It was actually a lot of fun and I sold candy, coffee, hot dogs and etc together with my stepmom Jenny, my brother Martin and Jenny's friend. Went quite well and during the break there were so many people we didn't have a a free second. Martin and I were alone a few times during the game when practically no people bought anything. We had really fun and I was eating candy and it seemed like every time I put candy in my mouth, we got customers so I couldn't speak. I even had soda in my mouth and couldn't say anything at all because I started laughing, so did my brother and he kept laughing while talking to the customer. Yeah, we're true professionals... I'm helping out at the next two home games aswell... It's a lot of fun and you get to be backstage.

On Monday I'm going with half my family to visit the puppy Martin is getting in May. He's still so young, the dog, so he can't leave his mom yet. The dog is a Christmas present for Martin but it's getting more like a birthday present cause he gets to take the dog home just a few days before his birthday. So, we're gonna see it for the first time on Monday and I bet he's gonna be the cutest puppy. Martin is, without a doubt, really excited.

In June my brothers, my mom and me are going to Gothenburg. I really look forward to it. I love going away on trips. We're going to a themepark and I love those.

My birthday is coming up soon... The big 21...

03.17.05 (5:14 am)

Pointless posts   [edit]

Pointless blog posts seems to be a running theme for me. I usually say I'm bored when I write this and now isn't an exception. I think it is fun to have one of these but just get stuck when I'm actually supposed to write anything. And I call myself a writer... No, actually, I don't. I went with a friend to hear about colleges and saw this really cute american guy who's here as an exchange student for the semester. I could barely concentrate on what the teacher was saying cause my attention was constantly pointed at him. That's a nice personality trait... If some cute guy is around I can't focus. It was interesting to hear about schools but it's so hard to know what to do. I have no clue what I wanna study or do.


Some personal things is looking brighter and making progress so that's very nice. Trying to write on my stories... I try to focus on my main one but lately I've been writing more on another one I recently found. Started writing on it when I was 14 years old and that was a long time ago.


One of my ultimate fave shows is tomorrow that I'm eagerly anticipating. Yeah, me and my shows. :)


Big year for my younger brother. He's graduating high school in june. Getting his driver's licence as a graduation gift. Who would have known that he would drive before his older sister and brother? Well, I could see how he would learn to drive before me cause I just plain suck at it. My youngest brother who's 12 will probably learn before me too...



01.02.05 (2:07 am)

Happy New Year, first blog in 2005   [edit]

It's been a long time since I updated the blog so I thought I'd do it today. I'm also gonna make a few changes on this, like change the song that's been on here forever. I'll change the banner and stuff too. Very interesting, I know...

I celebrated New Years with my best friend Carina and my brothers. But I got a migraine so I was not feeling well most of the evening... I kept wondering why I couldn't have gotten the migraine the next day instead or something, instead on New Years?

I got this great big Tom poster from Carina for Christmas and I thought I'd put it together and put it on my wall today. :)

I thought of a hundred things to write about but now I can't think of much at all, so I'll post this for now and get started with the other updates, like the banner and song.

Take care everyone.


09.10.04 (5:30 am)

Finally...   [edit]

Finally, I've signed up for a writing course. I've wanted to do it for years but it's never been done. Until today. I made the call and signed myself up. It's gonna be a lot of fun and a great learning experience.

I had plans today but I got such a bad stomache pain so I've been in bed practically the whole day ( incredibly boring ) and just been listening to music. I've bought two new CD's recently, Linkin Park and Avril Lavigne, so that's what I've been listening to. ( Mostly Linkin Park though ) And I'm very happy that all my three fave shows are coming back next week and the week after. It's been so long since the season finales and it's gonna be so good to have something to watch.

This weekend my mom and I are gonna be horseback riding. I haven't done that for 2 ½ years. It's a gift from me to my mom cause she recently had her birthday. Anyway, it's going to be a lot of fun!

Feel like writing a lot more but I'm still not feeling well so I'm just gonna post this instead. :)

07.28.04 (8:47 am)

Well, summer's finally here...   [edit]
Well, summer's been here for quite awhile, but we've had terrible weather with way too much raining. But today it was really warm. I'm just kinda bored so I decided to just write something uninteresting here. I have no idea why, but I'm so annoyed today. Most things have annoyed me today and I don't really know why. Guess I'm just having a bad day or something. Certainly didn't start well, cause when I woke up I was really dizzy and had to stay in bed until it finally got better after awhile. I wanted to post some pics from the Denmark trip here but they're all at my dad's so I can't do that... I haven't even seen them yet.

I wanna come up with something to do... I'm so bored right now. I think I'll write or something or go out somewhere, I should do that while the weather's like this, cause we might just get rain again.

I hardly have anything interesting to say most of the time, so let's just post this.

07.24.04 (11:40 am)

Back from Denmark and bored   [edit]
I'm bored so I thought I'd write something here. I got back from the vacation in Copenhagen in Denmark yesterday. I was there with my dad, stepmom Jenny and my younger brother Martin. I had a great time there and we did several things while we were there for three days. First of all, there's a very long trip by car to make from where I live ( which is Sweden ) to Copenhagen. You easily get tremendeously bored. But anyway, we also had to travel by boat, obviously, since we had to cross the ocean. Duh. Anyway, something we didn't manage to avoid, was getting lost all the time. Everytime we were going somewhere by car we *always* got lost and even once we drove around for over an hour. But hey, to look on the positive side, you sort of get a bit of sightseeing and I was able to take some pics. One of the things we did while there was to visit the "Ripley's: Believe it or Not" museum which was actually lots of fun. Especially at one place we got to, cause there was this mirror there and there were pictures surrounding it which were of people making very weird faces and there were lots of them. So Jenny made a face like one of them to show that she could do it aswell and I did it too, so we laughed about that. And awhile later, after going through a bit of the museum, we arrived to this dark room and got up to a window. Then we realised that that mirror we'd been to before was actually a window and people could see through it on the other side, when people were standing there making faces. So we just burst out laughing when we realised people had seen Jenny and me do that before. So we stood there and watched other people do it aswell. Then we came to another room with a skeleton and there was a bridge above it and Jenny went on it to read the sign to see what it was about and the bridge "collapsed" a bit. Something you weren't supposed to be prepared for. So dad and I went on it too and the three of us all stood there until it collapsed again. Anyway, it was a fun and interesting museum and we had a lot of laughs.

We also visited Hard Rock Café which I've always wanted to do and it was very cool. It was packed with people but I enjoyed it very much. They were playing music videos of old classics and everytime a song from "Grease" came on, the bartenders would jump up on the bar and dance throughout the entire song. They were really good and it kinda made me think of the movie "Coyote Ugly", though it was nothing like that.

We also visited a themepark called Bakken and they have the world's oldest rollercoaster in wood. Martin and I loved it and went 10 times. That was a personal record for me for just one visit. But it was great and I even screamed the first time we went, I never do that. But when we realised there was a tunnel and everything went black, I screamed. They had a lot of fun rides and Martin and I went for many of them. Even a ride with boats that went backwards. We laughed so hard. We even accidentally went into a Ghost castle or whatever it's called. We don't like that, but we thought it said "Mirror" instead of "Ghost". Those words sound pretty similar in Danish. Dad and Jenny thought we should go and it turned out to be a Ghost castle instead and when we realised it we couldn't go back. We were pretty scared, I can tell you that. lol Anyway, we went into a fun house and etc etc and had a really good time. The trip home felt long and we were really tired when we finally came back to Sweden and our hometown.

Enough of this rant now. I'll just post this.

07.19.04 (5:55 am)

The fun of packing...   [edit]

In two days I'm going to Copenhagen with some of my family and I really need to start packing and burn some CD's. If there's something I have to have with me, it's music. So I have to make sure I bring all the CD's I want and write down everything else I need with me so I won't forget anything. My younger brother is very excited about this trip aswell and we've been talking about it a lot. I'm trying to convince my older brother to lend us his video camera but he's still undecided. He doesn't like to lend it out to anyone if he's not coming aswell. I hope he agrees though cause it's a lot of fun to have and watch later. Anyway, I hope the weather's better in Denmark cause here it sure has been raining a lot.

Don't have that much to say today so I'll just post this.

07.05.04 (3:22 am)

Fifty nine days   [edit]

It's been so many days since I last posted a blog here so I thought it was about time I did that. Well, it's July and summer but looking at the weather we've been having for quite awhile, it sure doesn't seem like it. It pretty much rains all the time. I've been sick aswell for the last several days and today I feel better than I have during my cold. I still don't feel a 100 % well, but hopefully I feel well enough to go out tomorrow cause I've been at home so much now, being incredibly bored, so I just have to get out tomorrow and do something, even if it's just being outside the front door. :D Laying on a couch can be *very* boring to say the least. Especially when you can't do anything else cause you're feeling terrible. Anyway, enough about that...

Later this month I'm going to Copenhagen with some of my family. My dad, Jenny, my brother Martin and me are going and we're gonna be away for a few days. We're gonna visit two themeparks among other things. I really look forward to that cause I like travelling and I don't get to do that very often.

Anyway, enough with this rant. I'll post this now.

05.06.04 (2:27 pm)

My 20:th birthday   [edit]

Like I've mentioned a lot of times before, I often have a birthday message to someone, and today it's my own birthday. I turn 20 years old today and it feels pretty cool. :) I went to Gothenburg with Carina today and I had a great day. I bought a new shirt and new movies. I'm gonna buy the rest of my presents here. I got my cell phone yesterday and I love it. I'm sending MMS and I'm taking pics like you wouldn't believe. I just simply love it. :D I got great presents from everyone and I loved them all. :D

I'm really really tired cause I've been up since 6.30 am this morning. I just wanted to stop by here and write a quick message before I go to sleep. Good night everyone.

05.05.04 (4:04 am)

Going on 20   [edit]

Yes, tomorrow's my 20:th birthday. I'm leaving the teenage years behind and I'll be entering my 20's. As a birthday gift from my mom, I got a trip to Gothenburg where I get to shop for my presents myself. So tomorrow I'm going to Gothenburg with my friend Carina. I really look forward to it and I'm currently sitting here surfing for what DVD's I want so I know what to buy there tomorrow. I've been wanting to have new movies for such a long time. Yesterday I got a present from Carina and it was a great shirt with my guys Greg, Ryan and Tom on them. Guess what's my fave shirt now? :D I love it! Tonight some relatives, my dad and Jenny are gonna come over and celebrate me. We're doing it today since I won't be home tomorrow. I'm getting a new cell phone from my dad that I chose myself, though I didn't get to be there when they bought it. I get it tonight and I have been wanting a new one for such a long time cause my current one is being stupid... It turns off itself and etc all the time. This new one is great and I can take pictures with it!

Anyway, I can't really sit here that long, I've promised my mom to dust the apartment today so I gotta do that. Just wanted to write a short post. :)

04.28.04 (4:13 am)

Finding something to do   [edit]

It's in the middle of the day and I'm trying to think of something to do. It's great weather outside so I was thinking of going out, though I have no idea what I'm gonna do. Probably just take a walk or something, cause I might be bored sitting inside all day. And a walk, or if I'm gonna take my bike, is good aswell when I need new ideas for my stories, which I thought I'd focus on today. Gotta work by my mom's work today aswell to have some stuff printed out. I wish we had one at home, but we don't, so I have to have my stuff printed at her work or at my dad's house. Anyway...

Lately I've been having a lot of birthday messages and today is no different. My fave Tom had a birthday two days ago on April 26:th and I was gonna mention that then, but I've been too tired to update my blog so I do it today instead. And today is Clay's birthday so I thought I'd mention that aswell. Anyway, again... :)

[b]Happy 27:th Birthday to Tom![/b]

[b]Happy 20:th Birthday to Clay![/b]

04.24.04 (12:04 pm)

Busy evening   [edit]

My brother and I went out on our bikes today and were out for almost three hours. We had a lot of fun and laughed a lot. We even crashed into each other once and almost ran into several things. We also went to the store and I had to have milk and several other things in a backpack on my back and it was incredibly heavy so my shoulders hurt really bad now. Anyway, it was my first time out on my bike this year, though you could almost think it was my first time ever considering I was so clumsy. But I really needed the exercise anyway.

I wanted to wish my friend Teuta a happy birthday today aswell and hopefully I'll get to see her next week in Math class, haven't seen her in awhile.

I'm at my dad's right now and my brother and I are gonna play a PC game soon so this post will be short. Just felt like updating a bit and post a birthday message to Teuta.

[b]Happy 21:st Birthday to Teuta![/b]

04.17.04 (2:11 pm)

Boredom   [edit]

Is what I'm going through at the moment. I've had a relaxing day today and then went to Sofia. It's her birthday today so I went over to her and gave her the birthday presents. We went out for a walk to some places where I grew up and went to school when I was younger cause she hadn't seen it before. Last time we were out she showed me where she went to school and where she used to live.

I'm actually quite tired at the moment. Probably because of the walk. We were out for about two hours or something. It was really nice weather today, you can really feel that spring is coming. if not here already.

I just had some things to do online and thought I'd just write something here. But I'm tired so I'm gonna make this a short post. Take care

[b]Happy 19:th Birthday to Sofia![/b]

04.12.04 (12:01 pm)

I think I'm in love...   [edit]

Today I was having my PCTV on while writing and Smallville was on. It was an episode from season one. During the episode they played a song they've played once before and it reminded me that I wanted to find out who sang it. And I absolutely love it! It's such a great song and I've been listening to it a hundred times just this afternoon I think. Maybe I should use that song on here?

And I have to mention about yesterday. The hockey team from our town won Gold and that's definitely worth a mention! Carina, Martin and I went out to the city and there were so many people out cheering and everything. Read today that 20 000 people were out. So yeah, like you can tell, it was a big day!

I'm doing my own soundtracks, so to say, to my fave shows TW, Everwood and Smallville. So I'm trying to find every song played from all seasons so far.

My writing is coming along very nicely and I've been reading through my workshop lessons. It's really making you find out even more about your own characters. So I wrote some on a story of mine this afternoon.

Tomorrow it's back to school again after having a week off though it feels like I haven't been to school for several weeks.

Anyway, I have some more things to do and then I have to give the computer to my brother. Take care.

04.11.04 (2:33 am)

Random things   [edit]

I was gonna update the blog yesterday but was not home much so I decided to do it today instead. I fell asleep late last night but still woke up early today not feeling tired at all. I haven't done all that much today except sitting here checking updates and eating breakfast. I got a new lesson from my workshop in my mail so I have that to read later which I'm looking forward to. This past week my two fave shows finally had new episodes so I've been watching those. I'm glad they're back. :)

I was thinking of adding some pics here soon. Hey, you know me and pics, I always have at least one in every post. :D But anyway, today I'm adding one of Ryan aswell cause he had his birthday yesterday so I thought I'd add one of him aswell. Well, anyway...

I'm thinking about what I want for my birthday next month. I'll probably buy DVD's mostly cause I've been wanting to have new movies for a very long time now. I don't have that many movies yet so why not add some more? :)

I don't have that much to write about at the moment so I'll post this now. Take care.

[b]Happy 21:st Birthday to Ryan ( though his birthday was yesterday ) [/b]

04.07.04 (5:56 am)

New banner and still deciding on a song   [edit]

As can be seen, I have a new banner. The last one disappeared and I couldn't find it. So with the help of my brother David, I now have a new one and it obviously has two pics of Ryan and Greg in it.

I've joined a writing workshop which means I get a lesson once a week in my e-mail so I can learn how to write good characters for my stories etc. I decided to join one because I thought it'd be really good and so far I've gotten one lesson so I spent some time at the computer answering the questions which was a lot of fun, but it turned out I couldn't answer them all yet. It's questions involving my characters.

I really am changing the song on my blog ( I've been saying that quite a few times now ) but I haven't made up my mind about which song I'll have here.

I gotta give the computer to my brother so I have to post this now, but first I have these test things I did that I'll put here. And obviously, I'll have a pic on here aswell at the start of my post.

Who Will You Marry? by Sari
DateDecember 2, 2016
SpouseBen Affleck
Price of Wedding$2,155
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

What will your true love look like? by lunaticfaery
First name:
They will be:Taller than you.
Their hair color will be:Dark brown.
Their hair length will be:Really long.
Their eye color will be:Green.
You will meet this person:Online.
Created with quill18's MemeGen 3.0!

03.31.04 (7:52 am)

Name search   [edit]

I went to the doctor today to check on my inflammation that hasn't gotten better. I got medicine for it and have to go back in about a month again. It went well and all and I also had to go get a shot aswell.

It feels like spring is coming cause it's been really nice weather. So I thought I'd wear my summer coat today but it still was a bit too cold for that... Anyway, it's nice with this weather we've been having.

I just signed up for this course on the internet where you get assignments to your mail about how to write good characters for your stories. I'm looking forward to that cause I need to learn as much as possible. The writing is going well but I haven't done as much lately. Spent an afternoon in my room going through papers and stuff of what I've written and reading books and stuff like that. Just writing here makes me feel like writing on my stories again so I think I should do that... Plus that I have to find last names to a lot of characters... :D

My brother David agreed to help me make a new banner for my blog and I'm gonna do something as surprising as to make one with Greg, Tom and Ryan. Now, who would have ever known that I would do something involving those guys? :D

My birthday's coming up in about a month and I'm getting a new cell phone from my dad and Jenny. My old one keeps shutting itself off and being a real pain so I needed a new one. So I look forward to when I get it.

My brother Martin and I were supposed to go to the movies to see a movie ( who knew you watch movies at the cinema? :lol: ) but they stopped showing it already so I guess we're gonna see another one.

I also wanted to say Happy 20:th Birthday to Eia who had her birthday yesterday.

Anyway, time to post. Take care. :)

03.24.04 (7:06 am)

Math tests...   [edit]

I went to school today on my day off to do a Math test. I wouldn't say it went well, but hey, who knows. I'm just glad if I pass, but enough about that cause I finally am in a better mood so let's not spoil that with talking about how I did on my test.

I was in a bit of a bad mood this morning, but it got better and then worse again cause I got a headache aswell. But I don't want to be in a bad mood so I did other things to try and make it better.

I'm going to the movies soon but I don't know which movie we're gonna see yet. As far as I know there's not a movie in particular I wanna see that's showing right now.

I've also cut my hair. I got bangs although I wasn't sure if I was gonna do it, but I did. Just wanted to try it out and see how it looked. Anyway, I don't have that much to write about at the moment. I'm hungry so I gotta go eat though.

Here's a little survey thingy about my two faves Greg and Ryan.

Favorite Actor #1
Name: Greg Smith
When did you first discover him? In 1998
How did you discover him? I saw him in "Small Soldiers"
What movies of his have you seen? Well, I've seen several with him
Which do you plan to see? "Book of Love" and "A Wrinkle in Time"
What is your favorite overall movie he's in? "American Outlaws"
What is your least favorite overall movie he's in? "Small Soldiers"
What is your favorite character he's played? The character of Ephram he plays on "Everwood"
What is your least favorite character he's played? Don't really have one
Any specific line you think of when you see him? "At least when it sucks you know you're alive" cause it's one of my fave ones he's said on Everwood
Do you find him attractive? Oh yeah
Do you think his work is appreciated enough? No
What do you know about him personally? That he's a laid back and nice guy and that he's Canadian
Have any of his movies turned you onto specific music (ie- like soundtrack music)? No
What movie do you think he looks best in? "Book of Love"
What movie do you least like his look in? There's no one in specific, I think he has always looked cute

Favorite Actor #2
Name: Ryan Merriman
When did you first discover him? In 1999
How did you discover him? I saw him in "Deep End of the Ocean"
What movies of his have you seen? A few
Which do you plan to see? I'd like to see his new one, "Spin" cause I haven't seen him in a new movie for awhile
What is your favorite overall movie he's in? "Deep End of the Ocean"
What is your least favorite overall movie he's in? Haven't seen that many with him yet, so none really
What is your favorite character he's played? Sam Karras/Ben Cappadora
What is your least favorite character he's played? Don't have one
Any specific line you think of when you see him? Not really
Do you find him attractive? Absolutely
Do you think his work is appreciated enough? No
What do you know about him personally? That he's a very sweet person
Have any of his movies turned you onto specific music (ie- like soundtrack music)? No
What movie do you think he looks best in? His show "Veritas" ( I know, it's not a movie... )
What movie do you least like his look in? None. He's always a cutie

03.20.04 (10:39 am)

Relaxing and doing surveys   [edit]

Sitting here by the computer, doing some surveys. Got a little bored and decided to find some new ones to do and I'm adding two of them here. I've spent the evening checking out sites, talking on the phone etc. Right now I'm just listening to music and thinking about if I'm gonna write for a little bit. Recently I bought all these folders for my stories and everything but I haven't put anything in there yet so I have to do that soon. This post isn't very long cause I gotta eat and then I've got some other things to do. Just wanted to update a bit.

Anyway, I read through the surveys I did and one of them is one I did awhile ago so it's not from today. The phone survey is one of them I did today. After that very interesting note, here they are:

In the past week
Have you...
1. Cried? Yes
2. Laughed? Yes
3. Made someone laugh? Yes
4. Bought something? Yeah
5. Did something new to your hair? No
6. Felt stupid? Yes
7. Written a real letter? No, just e-mails
8. Written on paper? Yeah
9. Taken a test? No
10. Met someone new? No
11. Written in a journal? No
12. Watched a movie? No
13. Heard your favorite song? Yeah
14. Talked to someone you love? Yes
15. Given someone a present? Nope
16. Had a serious talk? Yes
17. Hugged someone? Yes
18. Kissed someone? Nope
19. Missed someone? Yes
20. Fought with your parents? No
21. Fought with your friends? No
22. Hung out with your friends outside of school? Yes
23. Did something different from the ordinary? Nope
24. Anything amazing happen in the last week? Nope
25. Went out of town? Nope
26. Anything tragic happen? No
27. Did you get really sad? Yes
28. How was the past week? It's been good

Phone survey
1. Are you addicted to the phone? No
2. Do you have your own phone? If so describe it? If it means if I have one in my room, then yes, I have a phone and it's blue. If it means if I have a cellphone then yeah, I have that too and it's blue aswell
3. Do you have your own phone line? No
4. Do you have a caller ID? Not on my phone and I don't have one on my cell either
5. What message is on your answering machine? I don't have one
6. Does it annoy you when people call when you aren't home and they don't leave a freakin' message? No
7. When was the last time you talked on the phone? Just now
8. Who did you talk to? Sofia
9. Have you ever been prank called? Explain. Yes. By my brother's friend and he really scared me
10. Do you ever prank call? Explain. No, I don't
11. What is the longest time you've spent on the phone without getting off? That was a really long time ago and it was for a *very* long time, but if you just count recently, it was an hour
12. Have you ever made up an excuse to get off the phone with someone? Yes, but long time ago
13. What is your phone number? That's a secret
14. Have you ever called your crush, blocked the call, and hung up as soon as he answered just to hear his voice? No
15. Do you ever talk on three-way? Yes, but haven't done that in a long time, used to do it with two friends of mine
16. Do you have a headset for your phone? Nope
17. What is the weirdest subject you've talked about on the phone? That would be a very long list
18. Do you have a phone limit? No
19. Do you have call-waiting? Yes
20. How many hours do you spend on the phone a week? That really depends on who I'm talking to
21. Do you spend more time on the phone or online? Online

03.19.04 (4:58 am)

The planning of a birthday party... apparently not an easy thing   [edit]

I haven't been good at updating here at all. I noticed that my header is gone for some reason. I wonder when that happened? Anyway, so far I haven't done that much today, but I'm going out in awhile, just thought that I'd write here for once. Thought I'd put some more surveys here again but I just gotta find some new ones first.

My birthday is coming up in a little over a month and I'm getting a birthday party from my parents. They and Jenny keep asking me what I wanna do and stuff like that but I seriously have no idea. I haven't had a big birthday party in probably 10 years but this year they wanted to give me one cause I turn 20. Practically the only thing that's been decided is that it's gonna be at my dad's house cause it's more space there since he lives in a house and have a yard and everything. And we're gonna have a birthday party for both my brother Martin and me aswell cause our birthdays are so close.

I have to post this blog now cause I have to get ready and head out pretty soon.

And as usual, I'll add a pic of someone whose name I don't think I have to mention anymore... :D

03.05.04 (11:18 am)

It's been awhile...   [edit]

What's up everyone? It's been awhile since I wrote here, so I thought today I'd write something. I also thought I'd add a couple of surveys I did in a few moments of boredom not very long ago. And also, as always, add a pic of my favorite celebrity guy, Greg. :D

Today I've been home doing different stuff. Spent a lot of time working on something that's gonna be ready soon. And I'm gonna keep working on it tonight cause I want it to be ready this weekend.

I have a few minor tests and a big test coming up in Math class. Let's see how that goes... I've been seeing the guy I like a lot lately. I saw him yesterday while waiting for the bus after school. But I didn't notice him at first. His two friends came first and I looked at one of them and didn't notice him until he came and stopped right next to me. Talking about being surprised. :D A pleasant surprise, of course! But they took a bus that got there almost at the same time they did, so they were only there for like two seconds. :(

I have a lot to do this evening so I'm gonna post my surveys now. Take care.

A Bunch Of Random Questions
* What was your first piercing? I've never gotten any piercings at all
* What languages can you speak? Swedish and English
* Do you wax or shave your legs? Shave
* What was the last movie you watched? "Jerry Maguire"
* Last song you heard? Rollergirl "Dear Jessie"
* How many bones have you broken? None, I've sprained both my feet and hands though
* How would you describe your style? Uhm...I just wear what I feel comfortable in, so...comfortable clothes? lol
* What's the worst pain you ever felt? That's a hard question, my pain in my rib and my inflammation in the cartilage
* How much time do you take to get ready in the mornings? About 10 minutes
* Astrological sign? Taurus
* Siblings? David, Joakim and Martin
* Pets? 1 cat
* Hair length? A bit down my shoulders
* Shoe size? 7
* Where do you shop? Different places
* do you have any piercings? Nope
* Do you play sports? No, I used to though
* What is your biggest fear? I have more than one
* What are you listening to right now? Hank Zimmer with "Tennessee"
* Who are you talking to right now? Carina
* What kind of car do you have? I don't have one, since I dont have a drivers licence
* What kind of car do you want? I really don't know
* Where do you want to get married? In my hometown
* Do you have a pager? No
* Ever stolen before? Once or twice when I was about 8 years old
* Do you have a job? Yes
* Ever been involved w/ the police? No
* How many schools have you been to? 6
* Do you get along w/your parents? Yeah

Family survey
- Whats your Mom's name? Agnetha
- Whats your Dad's name? Ulf
- Are your parents still together? No
- How old are your parents? My dad is 48 and my mom is turning 47
- Do you get along with your parents? Yeah
- How many Siblings do you have? 3 brothers
- What are their names and ages? David, 23, Joakim, 17 and Martin, 11
- Do you get along with your Siblings? Yeah
- Do you wish you had more or fewer brothers and sisters? I've always thought it'd be great with many siblings
- How many grandparents do you have? My paternal grandparents and my maternal grandparents
- Which one's your favorite? I don't have favorites
- How many aunts and uncles do you have? 1 aunt and 2 uncles
-Which one's your favorite? No favorite there either
- How many cousins do you have? 10
- Who's your favorite? No favorite there either, but my cousin Ann and I have always gotten along great
- How old is your oldest cousin? 38
-how old is your youngest cousin? He's 15, turning 16 this year
- Who lives closest to you? My cousin Tobias and my cousin Mikael lives pretty near aswell
- Who do you live with out of your family? Mom and my brothers David and Joakim mostly, but I'm at my dad's house with dad, my stepmom Jenny and brother Martin as often as possible

02.24.04 (6:04 am)

It's cold outside   [edit]

My subject today is taken from a title I came to think of because it's so cold out today. It's windy and it's snowing and it just makes you freeze like never before. I don't know how cold it is now though...

Went to Math class in the morning today which means I had to get up very early and so I am so tired right now that I will probably fall asleep at 7 pm today or something. I have a day off tomorrow so at least I don't have to get up so annoyingly early. When I had my class I was not in the mood for it, but I worked a lot anyway. I did almost a whole chapter which is a lot to do for just 90 minutes. Maybe I just needed to be preoccupied or something cause I was pretty annoyed and I have been most of the day. I know why that is, but there's no reason for me to go into *that* right now. The English class is voluntary so I decided not to go today cause I wasn't feeling well. I got dizzy, so I'm doing my English at home instead.

Anyway, I'm in a good mood now, it's just that I'm bored. I really gotta change the song here soon though. Just gotta find the link, cause it might help to have that... :D

Came to think about a title that fitted perfectly with a story of mine. It's called "Family secrets" and it was just perfect for the story that I wondered how I didn't think of that title sooner. Well, better late than never. :)

02.19.04 (8:42 am)

Sleep deprivation and inability to pronounce certain words   [edit]

[b]Greg and his co-star Emily[/b]

What's up everyone? It's been a little while since I wrote here. I've been to school today and I have been so tired all day. How come that when you actually manage to get to bed early and sleep enough hours at night, you get more tired during the day then when you go to bed too late? Just curious. I wasn't exactly in the best mood this morning but it got better and better as the day passed. After English I went upstairs to sit and wait for a whole hour until Math was starting. I was bored out of my mind, but then my friend Teuta showed up and that was the beginning of an afternoon filled with laughter. Man, I've been so tired today that I apparently lost the ability to speak properly. It cracked Teuta up all the time. When we were sitting in the classroom, at least trying to work, I was gonna tell her I was freezing, but instead of "freeze" I said "float". She was like, "What?" and then started laughing. I mean, we were so tired and felt we didn't get anywhere with our Math. I don't have a rubber and when I was gonna tell Teuta I didn't have one, I instead said I didn't have a gum. :lol: I mean, it so wasn't my day today cause I couldn't say a thing right. :lol: We had a little break during the class and we went for a walk and thought we were gonna get stuck in an elevator cause it was moving incredibly slow. :lol:

I saw the guy I like today. First with this teacher doing an exercise, then when he was with his friend and then while waiting for the bus. Teuta hadn't seen him before, so when he came I said, "There he is" a little too loud, I think. :oops: But he didn't hear it though.

Tomorrow I have an English test so we'll see how that goes. I think I'm about to fall asleep now.